My presence in Santa Barbara began in 1965 coming to the University of California Santa Barbara after completing my MFA at California State Long Beach.  I am retired from the UC system after serving 38 years as a professor of Visual Art.  Development in Photography began as a consequence of administrative responsibilities with the University’s Policy and Planning Committee.  Issues concerning the management of the University’s Natural Reserve Sites became a focus with decisions regarding a very large natural landscape given to the university referred to as Sedgwick Ranch.  At the time of receipt, this landscape in the Santa Ynez Valley,  had not been occupied for more than a quarter of a century.  After an extensive effort and my deep involvement with hiking and on site photography the final decision was not to divide and sell.  
As a consequence of this effort and my photography, I have become very close to this and all other Nature Reserve Sites for which our UC systems has responsibility. These large scale images have been presented in a number of in depth exhibitions.
 The message of’ hope and healing’ has been and will continue as the fundamental force behind my creative endeavor.  The only true factor in the future of our presence on this planet can be derived from such a positive energy and attitude.